Adam and Devin's San Luis Obispo Military Engagement
San Luis Obispo, CA | Bishop's Peak
January 15, 2018

I'm one of those girls that weeps, WEEPS, uncontrollably at coming home stories. I spent four years doing long distance with Josh + it was exhausting, hard, + lonely but I could still talk to him + we could see each other when we wanted. I feel like I only know *maybe* half of the heart ache of doing military long distance. There's no control, things are constantly changing + you can go months on end without the littlest inkling of communication. That joy + inability to breathe because you're so happy when you finally see each other after a long time apart must be four times more overwhelming + magical after a deployment.

Adam + Devin went through the ringer with his deployments. Short + long stints, surprise deployments, unexpected changes in his return dates (time + time again), planning a wedding, you name it-- they faced it. Adam finally made it back home to San Diego after 216 days apart from Devin, who was waiting for him at the base with a videographer to capture the moment.

I had plans to meet them in SLO a few days later for their engagement session so I was checking in to make sure plans were on track + she puts up a link to their Homecoming video... y'all. I was wrecked. Like sobbing. I had spent months emailing Devin + building an attachment to their story + then she just throws this perfectly cute video at me when I was least expecting it + I couldn't breathe. They are so perfect together + I feel so lucky to have been able to do their engagement session within just a few days of Adam's return because emotions + snuggles were HIGH. It was one of the most adorable sessions I've been able to photograph -- their love and excitement to be back together + getting married soon was so obvious + literally perfect.

XOXO, Cate