Matt and Aubrey's Santa Cruz Engagement
Santa Cruz, CA | Natural Bridges State Beach
October 26, 2016

After a summer of dragging these two around on hikes and making dinners with my now husband, I remember laying in bed late one night texting Matt & Aubrey separately. They both told me they liked the other but were afraid that the other wasn't interested... literally at the same time. I remember trying to convince them to just be honest with one another and they both laughed at me. Three years later, Josh and I received a Facetime call and I just knew. My heart was beating so fast, I had absolutely no words--two of our best friends just told us they were engaged and I actually couldn't even.  They are so sweet together, they love people so deeply, they always make everyone laugh and I just cannot wait to see how they grow over the next year while planning their special day.

I asked Aubrey to write a little something about their love story & here is what she wrote, "We met at a mutual friends birthday party. I thought he was cute and had seen him around so I asked him which card to play in Apples to Apples for a chance to introduce myself. It turned out we would both be spending the summer in Sacramento, his home town. Mutual friends of ours continued to invite both of us on unofficial double dates and we spent the whole summer adventuring. [that was Josh and I... oops.. ;) ]

Back at college, I would makeup fake homework assignments to have a reason to be in the library when I knew he would be. We met at the same table every evening for two months until Matt asked me to go on our first date. Dating life consisted of beach walks and good Thai food which is why our engagement was so perfect!

For my birthday weekend 3 years later, we went out to a nice Thai restaurant for my birthday dinner and he gave me sand castle toys saying Saturday would be for playing on the beach. On Saturday we built the most perfect sand castle with two little girls who offered to help and afterward, with them watching and totally cramping matts style, he asked me to spend forever with him!"

We are so excited for your new adventure & love you both dearly! Congratulations on your engagement lovelies.

XOXO, Cate