Romey and Trevor's Yosemite Valley Proposal
Yosemite, CA | Yosemite Valley
June 1, 2017

Romey + Trevor's proposal was such an unforgettable weekend for us all. It was my first time I had ever been to Yosemite, CA. We woke up at the crack of dawn + drove for three hours singing our lungs out + crossing our fingers that we could snag one of the coveted first come first serve campsites for our secret mission of a weekend. After sitting in unreal traffic, it felt like nothing other than an act of God that we landed the last spot in the site.

We set up site then headed up the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail (my knees have just recently forgiven me for this hike) to take in the unreal beauty that is the Yosemite Valley with Romey having no idea that Josh + I were carrying her gorgeous engagement ring in our backpack. I wonder if she now realizes why we made her carry all the food up the mountain face....

Once we were back on the valley floor, Trevor took the lead for dinner while I got my camera set up + Josh tried to slyly take all of the things Romey was holding without her catching on. He led her out on this boardwalk through a grassy field + got down on one knee while she was distracted watching the sun set. I've never felt my knees shake beneath me more than I did when I tried to squat after hiking for four hours. There was yelling + crying + laughing + it was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Congrats to my babe + her forever babe!

Ps if you're wondering why they look familiar, you may have seen their gorgeous winter lifestyle session that we did while up in Tahoe. Or you may notice these humans from our trip to Thailand. Or you know, everywhere on all of my posts. I kinda love them.. their my people.

XOXO, Cate