Traveling Through Scotland: Visiting Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands
Scotland | Glasgow, Edinburgh + Glencoe
October 15, 2017


After a delayed flight, a missed flight, a redirected flight and a lost suitcase, I finally arrived in Glasgow to visit my pal, Devrie, before she moved back to the US and photograph her grad photos (which you can see here). She moved to Scotland last year to get her MSc in Equality + Human Rights, so I was able to get a local perspective on this gorgeous country. We spent the first night wandering to Ashton Lane --the cutest street in all of Glasgow-- toasting Gin + Tonics at Jinty McGinty's Pub then eating tapas until our hearts were content at Cafe Andaluz West End. The next morning, we took the subway into the City Center for some shopping, coffee + Glasgow history before having all of her grad program pals over for one last hurrah. 


On Monday morning, we hopped in (read: dragged our bodies into) the car to head out to Glen Coe for Devrie's senior photos with her friends David + Niamh. What was suppose to only be a 2 hour drive, turned into 6 very quickly because we kept yelling to pull over every twenty minutes because it was THAT beautiful. We drove along Loch Lommond + stopped in the tiny, quaint town of Luss. It is full of adorable cottages, perfectly Scottish shops + a dock that lead out over the gorgeously, foggy lake. After wandering through the whole town, we kept chugging out to Glen Coe driving past waterfalls, ancient bridges, stunning countryside views and eventually arriving in Glen Coe. We puttered around on the squishy peat beneath the Three Sisters mountains taking in the most unbelievable views while I screamed about how pretty Devrie's photos were turning out. I was truly at a loss for words at the views, I could of sat there for hours.


Tuesday morning we, yet again, dragged our exhausted bodies out of bed to head to the second location for Devrie's senior photos-- the botanical gardens. Dev is the biggest plant lady I have ever met so it was only perfect that we photographed her in her happy place among the greens. After shooting in the gardens, we wandered over to her campus, which looks like it is straight out of a Harry Potter film. So if you know me well, you know I was practically crying while wandering underneath the cloisters. After exploring her town, we decided we were over due for an easy night in watching our mutually favorite show-- the Office-- until we passed out.


Wednesday morning was what I had been looking to for months. We took the train to Edinburgh, toured the ancient castle (which is worth every penny for the views alone), wandered through the shops along High Street + enjoyed fajitas at Pancho Villas. Edinburgh is home to the cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote books 1-3, The Elephant Cafe (aka the birth place of Harry Potter), so we grabbed a table + ordered a pot of tea to sip while we enjoyed the view Edinburgh Castle + admired the bathroom that is literally covered from floor to ceiling in dedications to J.K. Rowling + Harry Potter. Below the window where she sat writing is a graveyard that inspired character names like Thomas Riddle, McGonagall and Moody. There is also a joke shop that is said to have inspired Zonko's Joke Shop around the corner. I was in my Harry Potter dream land and was dying with joy the whole time, nerding out over everything-- including the original version of the Philosopher's Stone that I was able to pick up. We capped off the night on a Ghost Tour Bus which was so cheesy but such a cool way to see the city from the top of a double decker bus!

If you get the chance to visit Scotland, do it. Oh my gosh, do it. It is such a gorgeous country filled with amazing history and wonderful humans. Huge shout out to Devrie for hosting me, showing me around the best places + introducing me to some of the most beautiful souls around. Welcome home, hope these pictures allow you to cherish your favorite spots in Scotland forever.

XOXO, Cate