Romey and Trevor's Lake Tahoe Winter Couple's Session
Lake Tahoe, CA | Taylor Creek
January 16, 2017

There is something special about finding that one person who understands you the most, keeps you laughing when things aren't going so well and encourages you to follow your dreams. However, there is something even more special when you find friends who do that, and so much more for you.

Romey and Trevor have become two of Josh and I's closest friends and we have absolutely loved adventuring together with them. They are so laid back and life giving; hilarious and creative; understanding and supportive. They push my adventure limits in the best way and I've experienced some incredible parts of this world because of them. From scooters in Thailand to snow-mobiles in Tahoe, I just never really know what will become of a trip, or even a simple weekend, with these two. Thankful that they were willing to model for me in this gorgeous snowy field and that they are such rad friends. Here's to being old and wrinkly on the back of vespa's in Europe... or whatever it is that they make me do next. (PS. You can see their proposal in Yosemite here)

XOXO, Cate